Study on the fuzzy integrate evaluating method of interval number on the workshop safety management

  • Jinchun Zhang, Chao Wu
  • Published 2010 in 2010 IEEE International Conference on Emergency Management and Management Sciences


This paper is inclined to introduce the authors' study on a new method for evaluating the production safety in a workshop based on the multi-dimensional and multi-level factors including a lot of uncertainties. Since the safety management of the workshop production involve so many factors and uncertainties, it is necessary to use the interval number fuzzy integrated evaluation, which is based on the basic principles of Analytic Hierarchy Progress and fuzzy integrated evaluation. According to the method, all the single factors used for evaluation weight, all the index scores and the evaluation grades are taken as the form of interval number so as to make the evaluating process more practical. The paper has also studied how to fix the evaluation weight of the interval number hierarchy and worked out a model of the interval number fuzzy integrated evaluation. When the evaluation is done in accordance with the given model, the final score of the workshop production safety management parameters would be calculated. Then the ranking possibility degree and the suitability degree of interval number could be introduced and the method of fixing on the grade of the workshop safety management status could be put forward in conformity with the final score. The application of the method in a case study proves the method valuable.


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