A Method to Reduce Power Consumption of Active-Clamped Flyback Converter at No-Load Condition


A method for lower power consumption of active-clamped flyback converter at no-load condition is proposed in this study. The active-clamped flyback converter is one of the most well known converters, which can reduce the switching losses and EMI noises. However this converter is more than conventional flyback converter with respect to power consumption in the no-load condition. This is due to high conduction current of resonant converter. To reduce conduction loss at no-load condition, the converter turns off the auxiliary switch and operates only flyback mode. Some experimental results are included to verify the system performances in this paper. The test result showed that the power loss is 0.75 W at no-load condition. This result is the compliance with the European Code of Conduct limits regarding the no-load power consumption


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