A raspberry Pi controlled cloud based air and sound pollution monitoring system with temperature and humidity sensing


In recent day scenario, the incessant increase in air and sound pollution prove to be an alarming problem. It has become mandatory to control and appropriately monitor the situation so that the required steps to curb the situation can be undertaken. In this project, an IOT-based method to monitor the Air Quality Index and the Noise Intensity of a region, have been proposed. The recommended technology comprises of four modules namely, the Air Quality Index Monitoring Module, the Sound Intensity Detection Module, the Cloud-based Monitoring Module and the Anomaly Notification Module. Firstly, the Air Quality Index is measured considering the presence of the five criteria air pollutants. Then the sound intensity is detected using respective sensor. After that, the Cloud-based Monitoring Module ensures the process of acquiring the data with the help of Wi-fi-module present in Raspberry Pi which fulfils the objective of analysis of information on a periodical basis. Finally, the Anomaly Notification Module alerts the user in case of an undesired condition.


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